STR is a national employment agency, specialising in the supply of scientific staff primarily to the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Food, Materials, Biotechnology, Chemical, Engineering and Polymer industries.

All candidates registered with STR are scientists and engineers. Many are at the start of their careers, offering HND, HNC, BSc, MSc, PhD and post doctorate qualifications. Others with solid working experience are seeking to progress their careers or are looking for increased job satisfaction. Experienced staff on the STR database range from laboratory technicians to highly skilled managerial professionals.

STR is dedicated solely to the needs of scientists and engineers. Our consultants are professionals – qualified scientists with solid experience in the relevant fields. This gives us the in-house capability to assess the technical expertise of candidates and to match these to the specific needs of employers.

We specialise in research and development and in process and production employment opportunities. We have all grades of permanent and temporary scientific staff on our database, from school leavers to senior management.

Many companies use STR as an extension of their own personnel departments. In this way, they are able to obtain pre-selected and pre-interviewed candidates who are genuinely suitable and interested in the advertised post.